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Created by Webnodes Username: ernad _a_
Name: Ernad Fajkovic
Company: OXX
Job title: Developer
City: Oslo
Country: Norway

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Title Status Number of ratings Rating Created date
Default css class for forms Undecided 2
Video player size Planned 4
Select enumeration when creating new property Not reviewed 2
Fallback for flash in GetFlash() method Not reviewed 4


Content name Your rating Overall rating Content type Date rated
Form module advanced styling
Suggestion 09.09.2011
More user friendly radio buttons and check boxes
Suggestion 09.09.2011
Property Group Title
Suggestion 09.09.2011
Property description in edit
Suggestion 09.09.2011
Setting for "open in window" on relation properties
Suggestion 09.09.2011
Buttons in edit-mode should have hover texts
Suggestion 09.09.2011
Ontology relations in the admin interface should have drop down list boxes for classes
Suggestion 09.09.2011
Video player size
Suggestion 19.09.2011
Select language on installation
Suggestion 07.10.2011