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Upgrading fra B1744 to B1791
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Upgrading fra B1744 to B1791


I'm trying to upgrade from Webnodes B1744 to B1791 on my developer machine.

The site is a WebForms WebSite application, with an external MSSQL database.

When the files have been extracted and the progress title reads "Updating database fields" at 0% , I get the following error:

"Formatet i initialiseringsstrengen tilsvarer ikke det som er angitt i starten av indeksen 0."

Have anyone seen this error before while upgrading Webnodes?


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Re: Upgrading fra B1744 to B1791

Tried to upgrade the same project from B1744 to B1749 instead, and got the same error message.
I then tried another project from B1765 => B1791, and that seems to work just fine. 

So I reckon this has something to do with the affected installation in some way.

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Re: Upgrading fra B1744 to B1791

I have never seen that error message.. So as you've found out, it is probably due to some issue with the installation.