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  • Send email to multiple subscriberlists

    Status: Not reviewed 0 ratings.

    It would be convenient to select more than one subscriber list when sending out newsletter from the newsletter module (since you already provide the chekcbox for "exclude duplicate users"). I'm aware of group memberships, but then the editor has to pay attention to that every time.
    Suggested by Helene Svelle
  • MVC Newsletter

    Status: Not reviewed 1 ratings.

    Make it work
    Suggested by Emil Müller
  • Controlling emails

    Status: Not reviewed 0 ratings.

    When debugging/testing applications it is often wise to route all emails being generated to a test account of some sort. Today we have to do this ourselves (from what I know) by adding a wrapper function which in turn calls the internal Session.SendEmail method. Is it possible to add functionality so that it will be easy to override where all emails are going by perhaps setting the site in some sort of test-mode? When in test-mode one could set one or more emails to receive the emails. I think this would be a nice addition to the core func of Webnodes.
    Suggested by Lars Erik Bjørn
  • Ubsubcribed user groups

    Status: Planned 1 ratings.

    In the newsletter module; it would be useful to have a relation field for unsubscribed user groups, in addition to the existing "unsubscribed users".

    Suggested by Helene Svelle
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