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Is there a way to visualize if a thread isnt read?
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Is there a way to visualize if a thread isnt read?


Is there a way to detect in the  if a user has read the last message in the thread, like one can detect 'sticky' or 'locked' threads?

<waf:ForumThreadListTemplated runat="server" ID="forumThreadListTemplated1">
  <tr class='<%# Container.Thread.Sticky ? " sticky" : "" %><%# Container.Thread.Locked ? " locked" : "" %>'>
     <td class="forum-threads-datecell"><a href='<%# HttpUtility.HtmlAttributeEncode(WAFContext.GetUrl(Container.Thread.NodeId)) %>'><%# Container.Thread.CreateDate.ToString("dd.MM.yy") %></a></td>
     <td class="forum-threads-lastpostcell"><a href='<%# HttpUtility.HtmlAttributeEncode(WAFContext.GetUrl(Container.Thread.NodeId)) %>'><%# GetPostText(Container.Thread.Name) %></a></td>
     <td class="forum-threads-numthreads"><%# Container.Thread.Messages.Count %></td>
     <td class="forum-threads-numviews"><%# Container.Thread.Views %></td>


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Not at the moment

There was a system for this in the non-templated forum thread list control, but the templated version doesn't have that functionality yet, since the way it was implemented in the old system wasn't very good. 

I have found a much better way to implement it, but it's not done yet. Do you need it urgently?

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No, it's not urgent. I can wait for the update :)