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It's a great pleasure to finally open the Webnodes Developer Community! We will continue to improve the website, based on input from the community, over the coming months and years.


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  • Contribute and win!

    We're kicking off the autumn with a couple of new competitions. We want to encourage use of this site actively by developers using Webnodes.

  • Status update: August 2012

    It's been a while since our last blog post on the developer site. This doesn't mean we're not busy working on improving Webnodes CMS.

  • Competition!

    We're having another competition. Like we did the last time, there will be two ways to win.

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    Heartbleed bug

    Hi. According to todays news about the weakness in OpenSSL (http://heartbleed.com/). Just wondering if this can have any impact on Webnodes install

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    Send emails with images?


    In our project we need to be able to send various types of emails whose contents are defined by the end user in html properties, a

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    Finding dead links

    Hi devs!

    Is there any mechanism in Webnodes that allows to easily find dead links?



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    Hi devs!

    Is there any built in mechanism in webnodes which I can use to crete RSS feed? Is OData sth that could be used in this case?