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Deploying MVC projects
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Deploying MVC projects


Do you have som best practice / guidelines for deploying a Webnodes MVC-project?

Will Webnodes provide a deployment-client in the future?

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Re:Deploying MVC projects


Webnodes can be deployed like any normal ASP.NET application. There are many ways of deploying MVC (Web Application Project) sites to a server. We don't really have any best practices or guidelines on deployment as Webnodes doesn't have any special needs regarding the deployment process. 

There are many different needs regarding deployment, depending on the rest of the development environment at your company. Some companies prefer manual x-copy deployments, while others need a highly automated deployment process connected to their continous integration setup. Microsoft has a range of solutions to help you deploy your Webnodes projects.

At the moment we don't have any plans to offer a custom deployment tool. 

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