Default css class for forms

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A default css class in the forms module would be practical (like "webnodes-form-module" or similar). It would make it easier for users to create new forms, without having to fill in a css class (they would probably forget it, or misspell it).

Suggested by Ernad Fajkovic
01.09.2011 - 15:55

In the meantime..
I usually create a class that inherits and replaces the base form class. It's usually just a matter of time before the users wants to make som changes anyway.
Then all you have to do is add these lines in the partial class file:

public override void OnNew() {
this.CssClass = "my-default-form-css-class";

02.09.2011 - 04:12

Just what I need!

Thanks :)

Re: Default css class for forms
23.09.2011 - 09:22
Since it's relatively easy to do at the moment, we haven't decided if we're going to do anything else to support this.

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