ClassIcons filename

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It would help our publish process if the files for class icons were named after the object type Guid or fully qualified class name instead of the ID. When moving from local dev environment to a test server, that does not have the same content class ids, we have to reupload the class icons.

Also the temporary class icon files with name like {0}_16_16.png should be stored in a different folder that we can hide, so it isnt auto-included in TFS when working with WebSites.
Suggested by Erik Østensen
Re: ClassIcons filename
28.11.2013 - 09:48
Hi, this will be better once we move to the new Ontology system where the icons are stored inside the XML definition file. You should no longer need to think about those icon files in the ClassIcon folder. We will release this new module at the end of Q1 2014

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